According to business technology news, pc tech news, modern technology experimental workshop of Facebook which was reported from latest tech news, is called Area 404 that we can relate to the line 404 when we can’t access to the needed websites.
For a too long, what people know about Facebook is a company specializing in software. It is true as Facebook has earned billions of dollars by advertising on their mobile software.
But do not stop there, Facebook is also an equally good hardware company. Because so few people know Facebook with the above role, the company has decided to open a workshop to prove this.

Here are remarkable images inside that workshop:



Facebook Surround 360, used for capturing 360 -degree video high resolution for VR devices.

There are only about 10 employees in this room and that is not Mark Zuckerberg.
In fact, Facebook has developed hardware for years. These include things (not very important and well-known) that Facebook was created such as server rack systems. Now, the company owned by Mark Zuckerberg is making hardware which is more advanced such as virtual reality (VR) and Internet drone.


Business card shelves that Facebook produced in Area 404 as a gift for journalists.


Logo of Area 404.
To produce such devices, Facebook has built a broader center of 2000 square meters at their headquarters in Menlo Park (California, USA). It is called Area 404, which we relate to the line 404 when we can’t access to the needed websites. Our working group wants a secret and privacy workplace like this, Facebook representative person shared.


The items are sorted neatly.

Visitors are required to wear goggles for safety reasons.


This place contains ancient machines to serve a certain number of purposes.

Area 404 laboratory/manufacturing workshop has just finished in June, after nine months of continuous construction. Surprisingly, the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is not allow to get into some separate areas of Area 404 for safety reasons.


The employees have to undergo rigorous testing for using devices here.
As known, the purpose of Area 404 is to accelerate improvements hardware and software of Facebook, making everything process faster than before. Facebook representative said projects that extend for previous week will be reduced to a few days, thanks to Area 404.


This is a hydraulic cutter, using water pressure mixed with metal impurities to cut through different materials. Water is shot out at a pressure of 60,000 PSI, it can cut almost everything, from rock to glass.

This is where engineers could build early versions of hardware testing, with basic tools such as grinders, drills, saws, etc …


This is a 5-edge grinding machine that can produce models with extremely high accuracy. It has a weight of about 27 tons, Facebook had to reinforce the foundation by more than 100 concrete and steel plates at a depth of 18 meters under the ground to support the weight of the machine.


Orb we see above is grinded and carved from an aluminum block like this.


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