Top CRM software solutions for your business

Free CRM software is a tool used by many companies and businesses to maximize the potential of their customer system. Nowadays, businesses no longer manage their customer data through Excel files, manual Word files but also move to software to avoid errors, and management procedures are also more professional.

Top CRM software solutions for your business

There are many free CRM software available today, as well as professional software (for a fee) and demo versions. If you are a small and medium business, you can choose the free CRM software to test and use for your company’s activities.


  • Vtiger CRM is a free CRM software that uses open source, providing users with key features in customer base management such as:
  • Managing marketing activities.
  • Inventory management.
  • Processing invoices, orders
  • Manage post-sales activities
  • Order information management, customer care
  • In addition, Vtiger CRM software provides web browser extensions such as Mozilla Thunderbird mail, Microsoft applications and other essential applications in the enterprise.


SheetCRM is one of the free CRM software available in Google that can support very well for individuals or small and medium businesses. You can easily store online information and manage it.

However, the disadvantage of this software is that it can not handle too much data or too much data. If your business has a large customer base with diverse data sources, you should choose a professional software.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The biggest advantage of this Dynamics CRM software is that it is integrated with other Microsoft applications like Outlook, Office, Dynamics GP … quite convenient during use. Up until now, Microsoft has released the Dynamics CRM application on mobile phones, which can run on iOS devices, Android phones, Windows Phone, and tablets.


SugarCRM is a very useful customer management software for small to mid-sized companies. The advantages of SugarCRM include:

  • Allows changing the interface, data to suit the characteristics of the business.
  • Connect, sync data with other software
  • Affordable, there is free version support
  • Can integrate well with Word, Excel to export reports


This free CRM software is rated for 2,500 archival records, 200MB of storage, and 10 custom fields. Insightly suited to small and medium businesses.

Zoho CRM

Free CRM software ZOHO provides customers with the following basic functions:

  • Control customer information, customer care, work plan
  • Check the time of work completion, project management, contract
  • Increase productivity, speed up the sales process.
  • Easy to use, customizable in the reporting interface, data-driven …
  • Track clients from different sources, like the website, email, personal account …


The capsule is free CRM software for with 10 MB of storage and 250 contacts. You can upgrade your software to $ 12 / user/month with 2GB of storage, more than 50,000 contacts, and integration with key applications. Other like Mailchimp, Freshbooks.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM software is full of basic functions to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises. All you have to do is sign up for a free account at Hubspot.


Instream is a relatively new free CRM software, free software, capable of integrating social networking and basic features. The cost of upgrading to Instream is about $ 11.36 per user per month (about £ 8 per user per month).

Veeva CRM

Veeva is an innovative CRM solution designed primarily for businesses operating in the life sciences industry such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Veeva CRM uses the cloud platform to track customers’ prescription habits, but still follows the industry’s basics.

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