Top 5 Best Mobile Phone Applications ForLearning Foreign Languages Online

As a person of the new century, do not let yourself be outdated because you do not know foreign languages.

Whether you are a busy person who wants to learn a foreign language or want to sharpen your language skills, the following five types of software are very useful for you. With the widespread availability of smartphones and the internet, you can study anywhere, anytime, even for a few short minutes as long as you love learning.

Top 5 Best Mobile Phone Applications For Learning Foreign Languages Online 1

1. Duolingo

When it comes to the language learning applications on the phone, we cannot forget to mention Duolingo. This app includes text, images, and sounds to illustrate, so it is suitable for users of many levels, from beginning to advanced ones.

Top 5 Best Mobile Phone Applications For learning foreign languages online 2

Duolingo is one of the most attractive foreign language learning applications on the market today; it has intuitive interface, nice looking, smooth and fun operation,

The simple, concise and intuitive lessons are the remarkable advantages of this software. However, to use this app, you need to learn English first. With good English, you can learn many other languages from this software such as Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish and so on.

2. Memrise

Top 5 Best Mobile Phone Applications For learning foreign languages online 3

Unlike Duolingo, Memrise lets you choose the target language (the language you want to study) and then selects the source language (the language used to teach). It’s a free application, but Memrise still has a premium for those who want to learn offline or add extra functionality.

Memrise has a method for suggesting easy pronunciation and a variety of topics for users to learn foreign languages more boring.

While not as smooth as Duolingo, Memrise’s strengths are its support for multiple languages and support for language learning by topic or game. Besides, a very useful function of this software is to assist learners to pronounce the language in their mother tongue.

3. Busuu

Compared to the two applications above, Busuu only supports a limited number of languages and does not allow users to learn multiple languages at the same time unless they choose to pay. However, the approach of this software is quite flexible and is useful for those who already have a foreign language and need more advanced, by putting the lessons into context.

Top 5 Best Mobile Phone Applications For learning foreign languages online 4

4. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone approaches learning foreign languages in a different way than the other apps. This is a professional foreign language learning software. However, it is still free for users who want to learn a foreign language in enough level to travel.

Top 5 Best Mobile Phone Applications For learning foreign languages online 5

The new vocabulary is very specific and the pronunciation check function immediately after learning new words to help students learn more easily, while also practicing speaking ability when learning.

5. Google Translate

The software can be said to be the “basic” one of most smartphone users, however, if you know to take advantages of it; Google Translate is a good application for learning foreign languages.

Top 5 Best Mobile Phone Applications For learning foreign languages online 6

Google Translate is not a language learning software, but powerful translation tools are well suited to discover new languages. Improved translation capabilities, real-time translation, offline translation, voice translations, and handwriting support of Google Translate are really useful tools for users to learn any language.

Bottom Line

If you love learning foreign languages and do not have time to attend any class, let try to learn online with five applications above. If you know to use them properly, your foreign languages can be improved significantly!

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