The Important functions of CRM small business software

CRM software includes a rich set of business functions that enable automation and management support for most business operations. Three of the most important functions of CRM software are Sales Management Marketing Management, Customer Service and Support.

The Important functions of CRM small business software

1. Automation of sales

Sales automation is a system that provides a set of tools that manage the sales process at different stages and manages the operations of the salesperson. Sales automation allows you to track and record every stage of the sales process for each potential customer, from initial exposure to the end of the deal. Sales automation includes features such as opportunity management, quotation delivery, sales orders, invoicing, sales forecasting, workflow automation, and warehouse management.

2. Marketing Automation

The marketing automation system helps businesses identify and target the best customers, screening clues for the sales force. An important function of Marketing Automation is to manage and measure the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns, correspondence, telemarketing, and direct sales. Filter, enhance, and improve the quality of your leads in the database.

3. Customer service and support

Customer service and support is a system that allows tracking and management of customer service activities and supports issues. Customer service is an important difference of the business, CRM software systems help them improve customer service experience while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. CRM software provides tools to manage customer issues and customer service requirements, provides tools and knowledge to help customers self-serve, help employees quickly serve. Meet the requirements of customers

4.  Other functions

The CRM software system also offers a range of related tools and functions such as Inventory Management (which helps businesses manage inventory of warehouses, ensures reliable and efficient purchases from home email, correspondence, telephone, quote, invoice, security management, and a useful tool for business.


CRM software is an indispensable part of every business. We can say that the importance of CRM to business is not deniable. Owning a perfect CRM software with the compulsory functions as above, the journey to attain success is no longer hopeless anymore

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