The Essential Features Of An Online Business Software

Nowadays, technological equipment has been improved and upgraded to fit and convenient for users; traditional calculator gradually becomes cumbersome and less convenient. It does not have much-integrated functionality for faster, more accurate sales that helps shop owners have more time for advertising and customer care to develop their store further.

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Online sales management software is now the first choice of many stores, from big to small, especially the stores specializing in fashion, mother and baby, electronics. , household appliances, etc.

A modern sales software for online business is integrated all the traditional functions of a vending machine such as day trading, sales, invoicing, etc. An online sales management software will include the following features:

1. Sales, Billing

Selling becomes flexible when you can use a laptop, tablet or phone which has the compatible connection with invoice printing, barcode scanning.

You can also accurately calculate the quantity of goods sold, the proceeds and the quantity of inventory. This will minimize all possible errors in the calculation and input and inventory process.

The sales management software is also easy for business development applications. It supports discounting for each item or entire bill, adding notes for orders to track details, special requirements of customers, designing the invoice printing style of the store, bringing handheld devices such as phones, tablets to consult and charge customers right at the shelves.

2. Shop Management

The sales management software can easily capture the situation and operate the shop from far distance precisely. Store owners do not need to come directly to the store or check on the server. Just have the device on the network, account, and password, you can check the goods situation and trade immediately. From there, you can make quick plans and directives to overcome slow sales or import more types of merchandise that are out of stock, etc.

The system is simple and clear, allowing shop owners to review all orders from the beginning to the present easily. Filters help you find the full date, customer or product. From there, it is easy to come up with discounts, promotions or enhancements to your favorite line of products, reduce or stop the sale of hard to sell products.


By using the sales management software, staff management will become more effective and detailed. Each employee will have an account – a password, all activities on the software are saved. Only shop owners will be able to see the full and updated important data such as cost, profit, etc.

3. Goods Management

The sales management software can make the price immediately when stored; then goods can be sold immediately. It also saves time and ensures more accurate price and quantity of products. This allows you to order goods, store order information, debt, price changes from suppliers, warehouse management by serial number, IMEI, etc. ..

Besides, it also tightly controls the amount of inventory, reduces losses to the maximum. Inventory management is flexible by product type, service, etc., types and designs to make shop owners keep track of them and import them as needed.

The sales management software can store your customer information at a quick charge, so you can understand your customers’ buying habits, understand and care for them better. It offers convenient methods of exchange under store policies, advertising programs, promotions by the situation of stores and customers.

Moreover, the sales management software can also report and analysis, fully by the graphs or detailed data. This helps shop owners understand the business situation accurately and in detail to the smallest detail, to make quick and appropriate decisions.

Bottom Line

An online sales management software is a necessary element that you need to run your business well. With some dominant features listed above, hope that you can understand the importance of it as well as find out the best suitable for your need. Good luck!

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