The Common Types Of POS For Merchant Credit Card Services

POs is the acronym for Point Of Sales, used to refer to the distribution points (retail points) held by an individual or business entity, eg, grocery store, fashion chain, door exhibits and shopping. Each POS always has a system or tools to record transactions to reflect the amount of cash and goods in and out of a certain period of time such as manuals, Excel files or more advanced computer types. Money, sales tracking software (also known as sales management software or POS software).

The Common Types Of POS For Merchant Credit Card Services

The installation and application of cash registers or POS software will help business owners to strictly manage the goods and cash; Limit the loss of goods, meet the needs of shopping & payment of customers in a quick, efficient and professional way.

The main types of POS used in the market are ECR, POS software installed on the computer (offline), Online POS .


It is a device used for charging, can be connected to the barcode reader, card payment machine, receipt printer, money safe …

With simple advantages easy to use, suitable for basic requirements such as billing printing and payment. The downside is the high cost, heavy, no sales reports, no online management.

Offline POS

Includes PC and offline sales management software. These machines are popular, the software is designed for different business models, business areas and also easy to use. There are many attractive features such as user authorization and reporting. The disadvantage of these machines is the possibility of data loss when the machine has a hardware or virus problems, this can be overcome by installing Add regular antivirus and backup programs regularly.

Online POS

Online POS applications used through a web browser are also known as web-based POS. These products are very popular to meet the demand for electronic payment and online connectivity. Possesses many advantages such as Easy to use, no installation, easy management everywhere via the personal computer or both phone and tablet. Meet many solutions and models of industry, business. Data is better secured. The system is more secure through the services of the provider, not worry about hardware failure data loss because all data is on the cloud server … The downside is worth mentioning here is the need to have internet and pay monthly or yearly according to the service selected with the application provider.

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