Recent researches from a huge university of technical institute and best tech news sites show that: No longer the dense frequency of blockbusters or super high-end smartphone segment, Samsung is showing a different side when it focuses only on the Internet of Things products (IoT) and Smarthome. This is what the new Samsung was using every effort to pursue.

Generally, big technology companies today no longer focus on developing more independent devices, they switch to connect devices to each other via the Internet, whether it’s home appliances, refrigeration or electronics.



In fact, the Internet of Things is a potentially useful idea which could be developed in the present time. Let’s try to imagine these things. In the future, you can control the lighting, electrical appliances as well as in-house locks by smartphone easily. That is so great, is’n it? Therefore, it is not natural that the market is becoming more vibrant which is expressed by the concern over special of the giant tech companies in recent times. And Samsung certainly cannot ignore this game.

Most recently at electronics shows, Samsung launched more IoT products like Family Hub 2.0 refrigerator, Wind-free conditioning, PowerBot vacuum, FlexDry dryer, FlexWash washing machine,… All of them are compatible to the Galaxy line of smartphones through its Smart Home applications.

But let’s try to look back at the big and small technology events, from the IFA to CES where Samsung has appeared in the past few years. It is certainly not a coincidence, but rather deliberate strategy, a clear goal was outlined by big Korean technology boss earlier.

Remember June of last year, Samsung announced that it will spend about $ 1.2 billion to invest in the development and research of Internet of Things products (IoT) in the US market within the next 4 years. Among them, the Smart Things acquisition – A company specialized in manufacturing automatic in-house equipment – costs Samsung more than $200 million. And not all yet, the head B.K. Yoon boldly declared that by 2020 all Samsung products which sold at all markets are connected IoT.

That is the vision that Samsung is looking forward to. The future of a much simpler world, everything is connected easier and smarter. A much, much smarter future.

In the long term, there will also be an open system that can communicate with the devices which are not from Samsung. That means users will not be locked in a unique ecosystem of Samsung. Currently almost all electronic devices today have at least a certain standard connection (Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, …), and with their ability, to synchronize it to a single common standard perhaps not too quixotic to this Korean technology company.

If it is successful, the users will be the one get the most benefit in this project. We can live in a much more intelligent world, where everything can connect and communicate with each other. Right now, not only smartphones, Samsung is sit back and start turning “Internet of Things” ambition to reality.

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