Like operating systems on computers, web browsers own a lot of cool tech gadgets. However, most of them are still in the stage of development or the developers do not activate them by default for some reasons. In this article of digital information technology, several of amazing hidden features on Google Chrome will be introduced. If you have concerns about whether there are impacts on the performance of the Google Chrome when activating these features, the answer is… maybe. The reason is that they are still under development but you should try if you are interested in technology.

How to access the hidden features page of Google Chrome?

It is extremely simple, you just open the Chrome browser, enter chrome://flags into the address bar and press ENTER to finish.


To find the features you want in the jumble of letters, you press the key combination Ctrl + F to open the Find dialog and enter your search term.

Quickly mute the media tabs

As seen recently, the latest versions of Google Chrome are added the feature that displays the speaker icon when users access media websites such as Youtube. Also, Google had developed an additional feature that is the ability to quickly mute the media tabs by clicking on the speaker icon in the tab only.

Specifically, you find the feature Tab audio muting UI control and click on Enable option to activate it.



Restart the browser to take effect the change.

Fast browser tabs or windows close

When closing browser tabs or windows in Google Chrome, sometimes you will see a warning dialog appear or the closing manipulation slightly delayed because Google is implementing the process of closing based on the prebuilt script. However, if you activate the feature of quickly closing browser tabs and windows, Google Chrome will immediately close all quickly without any delay. The truth is that Chrome is still going the process of closing but you cannot find in the background system.

To activate this feature, you find Fast tab/window close and click Enable.


Restart the browser to take it effect.

Password generation

Have you ever been tired of remembering your password when signing in some service websites? The Password Generation feature will help you to solve that problem.


To activate it, you find Password generation and select Enable.


Restart the browser to take it effect.

Save password automatically

Similarly, if you want Chrome save your password and you feel annoying with the Save Password dialog, the feature Save password automatically will help you silently. Specifically, you find Save passwords automatically and click Enable.


Smooth Scrolling

If you feel that scrolling on Chrome is not as smoothly as other browsers, the hidden feature called Smooth Scrolling will change your thinking. When turning on the Smooth Scrolling feature, you will see smoother images than using the mouse to scroll your contents on Chrome. Nevertheless, in return, the performance and browser speed will slightly decrease.


To activate it, you find Smooth Scrolling and select Enable. Remember to restart to take it effect.

Experimental QUIC protocol

Simply speaking, QUIC is the combination of two protocols TCP and UDP. QUIC brings users a fast browsing experience and ensure the confidentiality at the same time. Currently, QUIC is still being tested so the performance has not been proven in a concrete way.

To activate, you find Experimental QUIC protocol and select Enable. Restart the browser to take it effect.

Use Material Design interface

Material Design is an upcoming interface of Google Chrome. At present, Google has gradually improved the interface and it is expected to official launch at the end of this year. However, you still can experience Material Design by finding the corresponding option to the key term Material Design and select Enable to activate it.

It is noted that you should screen carefully to avoid activating too much which leads to the situation of crashing the browser.

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