General Evaluation Of The Free CRM Software

Free CRM Software With Limited Functionalities

Functions of free CRM software is limited, compared to paid versions. You can only use a few basic features. If you want to use advanced features or other integration tools as desired, please pay an additional fee.

General evaluation of the free CRM software

Free CRM Software With Users Recorders, Capacity Limits

The free customer management software usually only provides 2-3 users per month, about 500 records. This causes difficulty in storing data.

Free CRM Software WithLimited Time Of Use

Most free CRM software can only be used in less than a year. If you want to use it for free, you have to pay for it like buying a new CRM software.

Free CRM Software Is A Packing Software

Free CRM software is usually the package version, fixed features. This is very inadequate, may not fit into your business model. Some software in the world has highly customizable features. And of course, for free, you have to edit it yourself. You have to tinker or see the documentation manually if available.

Free CRM Software Often Uses the English Language

In the world, you can find the big guys like Zoho CRM, Free CRM, Capsule CRM … However, these versions do not support all languages. You will have great difficulty in using if you are not fluent in English.

Free CRM Software Is Used For Only Small Scale

Free CRM software is only available on a small scale. If your business has 2-3 employees and only manage less than 500 customers, then free CRM software is a good solution. However, if the large-scale, complex department operations, the paid solution will help you shorten the time to learn and build.

Sum up

It is not deniable the positive benefits that free CRM software brings to the user, but considering the scale and long-term profitability, businesses should consider and use CRM service vendors to design CRM software that is suitable for each business.

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