Free Accounting Business Software, Pros, And Cons

Free accounting software is software that is used for no cost; you just search on the web with one easy click. At no cost, many businesses have chosen this option to save on installation costs using software for accounting management. However, with so many popular accounting software today, besides the benefits it brings along with many shortcomings that you do not pay attention.

Free accounting business software, pros and cons 1

Just a few simple search operations on the net, you will see a lot of software being advertised, and you can download and use them for free. Is it simple? With such quickness, we must mention the advantages that free accounting software brings.


-No cost to pay

– Easy to use, saving installation time

Most business owners just spend time installing the program and entering data into the system. They do not have to spend hours reading the manual to know how the program is built.

– Accurate, accurate data entry

Similar to paid accounting software, free accounting software also helps accountant process data quickly and accurately. Ensure work progress.

– Suitable for students

Meet the learning needs of students studying in Accounting. Help students who prepare to graduate can use to practice the application and get familiar with the professional before entering the professional working environment.

That’s the advantage, so what’s the downside? Here are some disadvantages that free accounting software brings


– Easy to generate errors, low level of expertise

These free accounting software are often written by small companies or small groups, which can be grouped by students, interns, and therefore technology constraints. Although the software is fully functional but due to limited professional, after the use of large data generated, it will make the small or serious error that businesses cannot handle themselves timely.

– Security is not high

The security of your accounting information is important. The use of free accounting software is prone to viruses, because this is free software, so it is easy to have the virus installed in it to attack the computer of the business.

– Free time limitation

Most accounting software vendors only allow businesses to use free accounting software for a while. Products are often limited in functionality and may cost you money when upgrading to a new one.

– Function limitation

The software is free but limited regarding vouchers, usage time, number of users, as well as basic features such as: allow to purchase goods (services) but do not allow inventory management. , fixed asset management, monthly depreciation

– Limitation when changing software

After the time use, the data is large, when the software suffered serious errors, it can not be fixed. It is difficult for businesses to find replacement products, time-consuming, accounting data lost.

– Customize software

Most free accounting software packages are pre-designed for almost all business areas, so some unique requirements will not be corrected at the request of the business. Especially with the advanced and complex needs such as production cost, production management will consume a lot of cost and time for later upgrades.

So accounting software is not completely free, businesses are usually only used in certain time. Free software is not stable, the value of use is not high. The best solution for companies is to buy the official license with reasonable packages to:

+ Enterprises receive consultancy services in the process of deployment and operation.

+ Data storage and maintenance, safety in installation and use, software warranty.

+ Edit according to specific requirements. The software is the best, most professional and safest way to manage your accounting finance.

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