The world’s first bank allow customers to “withdraw money from the sky”

The top Developers joked that it was true that the money would fall from the sky and said: With the needs of the customer, nothing is impossibleSberbank (Russia) has successfully tested the use of a drone to deliver cash. Accordingly, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were able to carry cash from the mall to the truck. This device has crossed the 10 km range at speeds up to 180 km/h.



Standing Vice President of Banking – Mr. Lev Khasis – is proud to announce that the trial has ended successfully on the personal Facebook page.

The integrated positioning sensor in the mobile phone indicates where our UAVs fly to and deliver cash to the customer. It’s as simple as calling a taxi.

Unlike taxis that are often stuck in traffic jams, unmanned aerial vehicles can cross the road in much less time. The battery developed by the microelectronics laboratory for the UAV flew 130 km with a full charge.

A big day in the history of Sberbank


Today was the first test in the framework of a project in which a dedicated drone successfully delivered cash from the center to a cash transfer truck at a speed of 180 km/h. Currently, the distance is only about 10 km. Congratulations to Stanislav Kuznetsov and the Sberbank Cash Management Team. We will continue to experiment further.

The developer’s representative explains more about the applicability of the service: Imagine having lunch at a restaurant and then suddenly having their cashier system faulty. Because you can not pay by card, you have to look for ATM plants in unfamiliar areas. This is assuming the waiter trusts you to withdraw money without calling the police. And in this case, the online application is a great solution.

Central Bank has approved

In the past, Sberbank has conducted similar tests to provide bank cards by unmanned aerial vehicles but failed. This time Sberbank tried very hard to persuade the central bank to allow the use of a drone to deliver cash. UAVs must automate the preparation process and customers will receive an electronic bill.

tech 1.3


tech 1.4

The unique footage of this UAV trial for cash has attracted millions of views. Official sources claim that Sberbank is testing a service that allows customers to receive cash through mobile applications. The project is expected to begin in Moscow and surrounding areas next week.

Sberbank’s UAV developers have come up with ways to deal with crime. Inside the box, there will be colored cartridges – they will explode when something goes wrong with the drone (crashed, kidnapped) and stained on the money. The notes that have been marked so will no longer be used to make “drone robbery” becomes meaningless.

Currently, human resources focus on the project is working with double the effort. When the service was piloted in the capital, a month later it was ready to operate in all federal provinces. This program does not simply provide cash but it also includes the payment of pensions and subsidies, so it must be implemented promptly before the flood season arrives – then traffic to villages in remote areas The remote area will be cut off.

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