Experience For Choosing Domain Name For Online Business Website

Having a nice domain name which is good for SEO just as you get the store located in a beautiful location on a busy street. However, not all people know how to choose the nice and good domain name for their website.


Domain Names Are Short, Easy To Remember

No one can remember a domain name that is long, unspecified, difficult to read and difficult to remember. So instead of buying such domain names, shop owners should think of short, memorable and special ones that can pin into the memory of the customer as well. This will also help you save maximum marketing budgets because customers will remember you right away whenever they have a need, not just when you market or advertise.

Just choose the domain that has 2-3 syllables, is less than 15 characters and have rhyme, is easy to imagine, read and remember.

Domain Name Contains Keywords, Brand

If your website domain contains keywords, when users search on Google, that website will have a plus point to top the easier. If a domain name contains both a brand and a keyword, the more effective it will be.

However, nowadays, domain names or keywords are almost registered, shop owners can put domain names with the products, area, related to the industry or add words such as 365, 360, hot, toxic, genuine …

Prefer The Level 1 Domain Name

First level domain names will be shorter, easier to remember and at the same time, it is better for SEO website to top. Level 1 domain names are only a dot such as .com, .net, .org .

Choose The Right Domain Name Extension

Many people wonder how the best domain name is, what they should choose between national and international domain. For different purposes, the best domain choice will also be different. For example, the international domain name will be more suitable for international business shops such as .com, .net, doing business in your country or even in a certain specific area, you should choose the name with national extension.

Recently, a new domain extension was launched that was .shop. This domain is timely when domain names or other extensions are scarce, so many people are interested in choosing it. The .shop domain is also unique when it comes to helping users to make sure that this is an online business website, not a news site or personal website.

EncircleDomain Name To Protect The Brand

To ensure that your domain name is not stolen, you should invest more to buy an important domain name encirclement. This action will not be wasted if you can not measure the number of visitors to your site accidentally entered the same address of the opponent. For example, you only buy domain name nicedress.com but do not enclose other domains such as nicedress.net,… customers sometimes mistakenly think these pages are one and invisibly you have lost potential visitors. Select a nice domain name is not important than choosing a domain name wisely. In addition to easy to remember, easy to read, shop owners should note the domain name suitable for business purposes and select reputable domain name provider to help shop owners peace of mind during the process of registration and operation.



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