ERP AndCRM Software Comparison

ERP and CRM are two different types of software that people cannot ignore when running their business. However, it is the fact that many people do not have in-depth knowledge of these tools and always confuse them. Therefore, in this post, I would like to make a comparison between two software to help you understand more. Keep reading!

ERP and CRM software comparison

Definition of ERP software

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a software solution that supports the management of operations in the company, business, corporation or Multinational Corporation. ERP software integrates all subsidiaries of large corporations, branches of the company and departments such as accounting department, sales department, and production department human resources department, administrative department in the general ERP software system to monitor easily and meet the various needs arising during the operation of the work flexibly.

Definition of CRM software

CRM software is used to manage customer relationships; it primarily focuses on helping businesses interact with customers in the best way. CRM software is effective in the sales process, increasing sales and keeping customers loyal to the business as well as products and services that businesses provide.

What Are The Differences Between ERP And CRM Software?

Currently, there is a lot of debates about the difference between CRM software and ERP. They are the management software applied in the enterprise to develop the business most effectively. Instead of the rudimentary tools and management of the past, more and more businesses are using indirect channels, CRM and ERP software to achieve revenue growth.

On the surface, both CRM and ERP software are designed to make managing your business easier and more efficient with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue and reducing costs. However, the difference between direct and indirect work processes of CRM and ERP software is very clear.

CRM software is designed to manage the sales process directly between the salesperson and the customer of your business. Help the customer care business best, manage all information, capture all customer needs and store all of the CRM software. ERP software is designed to manage a complex system that includes the workflow of all departments, branches, and subsidiaries of large corporations.

Distinguish CRM and ERP

In a direct business model, each CRM software manager works directly with each sales representative. But in an indirect business model, information channel managers work with a variety of different partners and sales representatives working with a lot of companies to provide a whole suite of solution products for customers.

Each partner has different ways of doing business. The process of working with partners and customers is professionalized through CRM software. This makes the information of customers are evaluated and reported in the fastest, most accurate. The CRM system is designed to solve the difficult problems encountered during the customer care process.

CRM and ERP software have a way of working and managing with completely different goals. Both tools have their place in the market and are needed at every stage of business development to be able to work effectively.

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