CRM Solutions ForMobile Users

Along with the ever-increasing needs of users and advances in mobile technology, the CRM software industry has witnessed significant changes. CRM software now becomes easier, more user-friendly, and more convenient for mobile users. Typically there are three extensions as below:

CRM solutions for Mobile Users

CRM On The Web Browser

Many CRM software vendors have now developed web-based solutions that use the web browser as the interface for the product. Thus, users can access and use CRM modules from web browsers such as IE or Firefox – this is a convenience for those who do not have time to learn the complex details from the new interface of a CRM solution. In addition, users can enter data, and access through hyperlinks as well as other familiar navigation mechanisms.

CRM Is Integrated Into Other Applications

This is a fairly common and convenient form for the users. For example, CRM in Microsoft Office allows users to attach Word or Excel documents to customer data records, and read the text without running another application, accessing the information about customers such as contact information, transaction history, … so that can save time. In addition, the user can set the interface of the CRM solution as a key interface for other performance-enhancing solutions.

CRM Is Embedded With Handheld Devices

When it comes to handheld devices (such as digital personal assistants, PDAs), it is more flexible when it comes to solving the problems of people who have to travel. The PDA itself lets you synchronize your data with your personal computer, from your calendar, email, and customer data. In addition, the synchronization feature of CRM software for PDAs also allows users to update, download new applications through the process of copying automatically.

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