Create A Website Or Use Facebook For Business Online

Many years ago, when everyone wanted to do business online, the first thing that most people think of was to create the professional website for their products. An impressive website full of images and information not only help customers pay attention to your products but also remind them of your brand longer.

Create a website or use Facebook for business online

It’s hard to deny that in the past year, sales on Facebook is a very hot. However, many online marketing masters still claim that: “Want to business online the long time, let create your website.”

We are living in an age where Facebook sales have become so familiar. Every day, just open up Facebook, we can see countless fashion shops, food welcoming. Facebook fever makes the most of the young people want to start an online business with this form.

Unlike creating a website – it will take you a lot of time to put your site on the top, selling on Facebook is much simpler. With an easy-to-use and user-friendly technology platform, you can easily create your account or Facebook fan page, so you do not have to spend too much time searching for leads. And above all, you do not have to spend anything to promote your products. In general, as long as you have the goods you want to sell, Facebook will provide you with everything you need.

It can be said that in short-term, Facebook sales are likely to meet business thirst of many people. However, when considering long-term, creating websites for online business is still a more sustainable form. The fact that you sell on Facebook means that you accept the play of Mark Zuckerberg which all the right decision is in his hands. On a good day, when Mark is not happy, he will start charging for sales, even blocking your fan page? What are you going to do now? Without you, he still has over 2 billion people to play with him.

When you create a website for your product, the first and most important thing is that you own the website. Design how the product information interface, how to bring the product to the customer, all, you decide. When you join the game with Mark Zuckerberg and accept all decision-making rights in his hand, you must obey his rules.

If with Facebook, customers receive information passively when the demand has not formed. For the website, your customers are the active person. When they have a need, they begin to find out the product information on the website.

What you need to pay attention when creating website sales is to optimize the SEO for your website. Getting your website ranked high on the top Google will be the advantage to help your product more customers know more, beyond the competition. Selling on Facebook helps you reach a large number of customers on the Internet. However, Facebook is still Mark’s, and you can not control the change of algorithms that he creates.

If you are determined to be a long-term online business, create your website. An impressive website with full of images, information and high ranking on Google not only help customers pay attention to your products but also remind them of your brand longer, can easily find you whenever they need.

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