Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Education

In recent times, many young people have chosen to study online classes. Online classes are considered as the result of the world of electronic information today, especially in recent times. Many young people have opted into online classes. Advantages and disadvantages of online classes, let’s learn together!

E-learning, flat styled concept for online education

E-learning, flat styled concept for online education

1. What Is An Online Classroom?

Online learning is a virtual learning method through a computer connected to a server somewhere else that preserves the e-learning software needed to ask / Request/issue for students to study online remotely. Or the teacher can transmit images and sounds over broadband or wireless (WiMAX, WiMAX), local area networks (LANs), etc. Individuals or organizations can Set up an online school (E-school), where students receive training, pay tuition and take tests like other schools.

2. Advantages of Online Classroom

Cost savings

Often, online classes will save you a great deal of money (maybe 60% off) on campus facilities, travel expenses, and costs. Course registration and can register as many courses as they need, which is a great thing for students during the economic crisis. Taking online courses is a great choice for students who are not financially able to study abroad.

Save time

Helping to reduce the training time by 20-40% compared to traditional teaching methods by reducing the dispersion and moving time, learning time is pretty flexible, students can still participate in classrooms while working.

Training everywhere, every time

Knowledge is communicated on request, meeting the information quickly enough. There is no limit to the geographic location, place, duration of 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. Training anywhere, anytime!


Students can choose from online instructor-led courses or interactive self-paced courses, adjust their own learning pace and improve their knowledge through online libraries. Transparent content, the organization can simultaneously provide a variety of disciplines, courses, classes as well as different levels of learning to help students easily choose.


Easy online classes allow students to attend, easily track their progress, and their learning outcomes. With the ability to create reviews, managers easily find out who is attending the course, how often they complete the course, how they are doing and their level of development when attending school.

3. Disadvantages of Online Class

The ability of the trainees in a real working environment is not evaluated.

Many commented that: online class is only suitable for students who want to study long-term work in the field online. Or do you have a regular degree and are looking to improve your knowledge to advance to a higher position in your career.


The difference in online training methods compared to conventional classrooms has caused controversy and mixed opinions. But we can not deny that choosing online classes is a great option for students in the economic downturn, as well as creating a solid foundation for your future career.

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