7 Effective Online Marketing Tools in 2017

Online marketing is a powerful tool for many businesses to promote sales and increase sales when selling online through Website, Google ads, Facebook advertising. Each tool brings different effects in reaching potential customers and increases sales.

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Along with the development of e-commerce systems and methods of selling, online sales are increasing. From then, online marketing tools have been created to help attract more potential customers, promote the brand and increase sales opportunities. The following are the most effective Online Marketing Tools:

1. Website

Website are considered as the backbone of the e-commerce industry, and it is also the platform that helps businesses start selling on the Internet and attract customers. The advantage of this tool is that it helps to reach customers anytime, anywhere with the creation of corporate brand, cost savings. It is suitable for all businesses and online businesses today.

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To maximize the effectiveness of the website sales, businesses need to have beautiful interface design, friendly with the reasonable layout, suitable for business lines. Also, the website must have fast page load, search engine optimization and good display on every screen device, the most important is to provide complete and accurate information.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today, with about 90% of users using Google and other search engines to query information products, services, SEO is considered as the superior solution to reach customers. The tool is a collection of search engine optimization methods that help search engines increase the ranking of keywords and websites when users search.

SEO is considered to be the online marketing tool to bring long-term effectiveness and effective in attracting potential customers. However, it takes time and resources to invest. The factors that determine the effectiveness of SEO activities are content, backlinks, and traffic, interactive.

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3. Forums, Blogs

Forums, blogs are the tools online marketing used by shops and businesses for a long time and never reduce efficiency. Promoting products here not only helps companies, stores attract more potential customers but also

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support both SEO activities and increased visits to the website.

To promote sales on forums, blogs need to be based on making new, prominent headlines and original content directed towards products, services, or sharing. Information, the experience is useful to the user concerned.

4. Social Networking

Nowadays, social networking sites are popular with businesses, including Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and especially Facebook with 30 million users. This tool is suitable for retail products such as fashion, cosmetics, technology toys, food, travel, and courses.

with 30 million users. This tool is suitable for retail products such as fashion, cosmetics, technology toys, food, travel, and courses.

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5. Online Advertising

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Google advertising or Facebook advertising is the form of online advertising is being used by many businesses. This tool helps to reach potential customers a quick and advanced branding. It is suitable for promotional

campaigns, discounts, or events, but companies must pay for the interaction with the ad.

To get the most out of direct advertising, stores and businesses need to deliver a message that engages customers, increases the volume of customer interaction with the ad, and drives purchase conversion rates. At the same time, you have to advertise properly to customers who are looking for or interested in your products or services.

6. SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is considered as a potential online marketing tool to reach and care customers. However, it is essential to have effective marketing campaigns by focusing on potential customers or marketing your customers using products and services, while sending messages that are short, attractive, and timely without bothering customers.

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7. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the online marketing tool that stores and businesses send marketing e-mails and advertise products and services to Internet users and potential customers.

An effective email marketing campaign must be based on quality email content because the content is crucial to the success of the campaign. The content of the email should have a message to attract customers instead of spam and should include the link back to your website. Need to select and filter the right set of potential customers and the right time, frequency of sending the email.

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