7 Effective CRM Tools For Customer Management And Care

Overview Of Tools For Customer Management And Care

Instead of managing and caring for the customer, today many businesses have improved and switched to professional software. The use of customer management and care tools helps businesses save more than a large amount of time and bring more business efficiency when using traditional solutions. So many companies have come to these tools as an effective business support solution.

7 effective CRM tools for customer management and care 1

Customer management and care tools are often referred to by their industry-specific CRM (Customer Relationship Management), which includes a suite of applications designed to help businesses manage multiple business processes in which the overall goal about customer relationship management is the key factor in the mind.

Here are seven free CRM tools that you can use to build your online management system, as well as take care of your offline and online customers.

1. VTiger

Considered to be a powerful software alternative to Excel, Vtiger possesses excellent customer care and management functions such as billing, inventory tracking, and project management capabilities. Some functions can not be found in any other CRM system.

7 effective CRM tools for customer management and care 2

2. CapsuleCRM

CapsuleCRM is a software management, and customer care is considered to have many outstanding features, which are compatible with at least 33 software or external sites such as MailChimp, Gmail, Facebook …

7 effective CRM tools for customer management and care 3

3. Insightly

Insightly has announced on its home page that it is “CRM No. 1 for small and medium businesses.” Indeed, Insightly offers a free system package with 200 megabytes of memory along with ten optional custom fields. If you want to upgrade, you need to pay $ 12 / user/month for a 1GB storage plan.

One advantage of Insightly is that it supports ultra-modern automated email systems and is suitable for medium-sized businesses.

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4. Simple System

Simple System is a good CRM that can be used for small and medium businesses.

This tool provides a free user system with over 100 accounts (or more depending on your wishes, unlimited contact in accounts and full customer support functions, absolute.

7 effective CRM tools for customer management and care 5

5. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is popular with many customers because it offers a variety of flexible and easy-to-use options. The free version of Bitrix24 can bring you the following features:

  • Project management features: manage operation, charts and track project time
  • Integrate email marketing
  • Phone-related customer care features such as: Call Recording, dialer right from the inside of the CRM interface.
  • Sales automation
  • Sales + reports
  • Sales team management
  • Besides, you can also own more features or capacities by using the available upgrade packages or optional subscription upon demand.7 effective CRM tools for customer management and care 6

    6. Raynet

    Raynet is a highly regarded CRM system with a nice interface and an “account card” function – a tool that helps you gather most of the information you need about your customers, including the money they have invested in your company.

    However, the software is quite new and not breakthrough by the outstanding features

  • 7 effective CRM tools for customer management and care 7

    7. Hubspot CRM

    Hubspot CRM is a popular and popular customer care management tool. It provides a good collection of user data based on their purchase behavior and habits. Previously, the job of capturing customer information or investigating consumer purchasing habits was the job of salespeople. Now, CRMs like Hubspot are capable of doing so.7 effective CRM tools for customer management and care 8

    Here are seven popular and highly regarded CRMs that you can refer and choose to use. At the moment, there are many CRMs on the market – management tools and customer care that businesses can use to support their businesses. However, depending on the size of your business, you can choose the CRM that works best for you. It is not necessary to select the most popular CRM or the most used units, what you need is a CRM capable of bringing maximum efficiency for business. Good luck!

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